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Penis in Ihrem Auge!

So, Heather came over randomly the other night (MMYEH) We drove around aimlessly to the car wash, Wafflehouse and Wal-Mart (ushual hangout's \m/) Dammit the whole night consisted of lameass jokes and us laughing until we were about to piss ourselves (cleanupinisle5) ahah. Wal-Mart was interesting,wandered around the store grabbing idle things we wished we could afford. Heather found The Exorcism of Emily Rose on dvd and couldn't put the damn thing down till she bought it, hah. Went home around 3am and read oldass notes I had found from highschool we wrote each other, dammit that is some of the funniest shite I have ever experienced. One day we are eventually going to scrapbook those and all our old scribblings together and publish that bs. Not that anyone really caaaareeees but yeeeah. >:P

So X-mas is rapidly sneaking up like a ninja stealing gummybears. Um WHATTHEHELL? haha this is what I get for staying up till 5am and getting 6 hours of sleep a night boo. YEY CHRIMMUS WITH THE PRESENTS AND THE HAPPY JESUS AND THE YUMMY FOOD. excitements -bounce- Still gotta send out cards though ; ; ohcrap. There gunne be late ahh I'm sorry.

HI SMEGGERZ!!!! <3 -random spazzm's-


Gehirn wird in 3...2...1 Ach nein! explodieren. frick Zeit für sleepins. Haben Sie einen guten nacht.
(Hurr oh what does eet say? CURSE GERMAN DANNI!)

P.s. Quotes of the night :

-insert thick hickbilly accent-" fuck books, fuck music, fuck games is where it's at!" -Zee-

"I only want one chocolate, if you give me more than one chocolate I will shove it up your ass mah friend. I will come bomb your Tim Horten's with the one chocolate up your ass. ASS CHOCOLATE. You die from not giving me JUST one chocolate!" (reffering to tim horten's doughnut run, ahah) -Me and Zee-
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