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What did Pez get for X-mas?:

-giant vibrating dildo (thanks Smeggz >:D)
-The Devil's Reject poster
-Corpse Bride hoodie
-Radiohead-"Amnesiac" cd
-Invader Zim Gaz figure
-Victoria Secret plush("sexy little bear", mwaha)
-Le' drawing pens
-Godiva dark rasberry chocolate's, mmmm
-Kung Fu Hustle dvd
-Silent Bob Speaks/Diary/Degrassi 411 books
-Hot Topic/Barnes and Noble certificates
-huge furry leopard comferter
-new sexy scanner (hoyeh)
-huge leopard framed picture
all from the above entry <3

So all in all it was a pretty kickass holiday. Yarr.

What did you people's get? Any funny/horrid stories to share?

...then again I could just read your LJ's (DURRHURR)

p.s. arrrg, FRICK Im sick as hell with yet another head cold. >:C this sucks.
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