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Schlagen Sie Ihr Weibchen auf

The most amazing thing happened the other day. So, I'm sitting at this intersection with my grandmother where it's across the street from a huge mall and surrounded by tons of estabishments and such, anyway we were talking and suddenly out of no where this huge deer come's running right through the road. It got slightly hit by a car in front of us(knocking off the person's left rearview mirror) and all I could think was Oh my god please don't be dead ,about to cry. I look up and see it flip over and is up and running again,the poor thing was trying to get away from the loud noise and car's but had itself caught right in the middle geez, ran right past our car and over by the Target then toward's the freeway. It was just so random and surreal, it made me sick about a half hour after from thinking it might be dead, crazyness. It just show's how wonderfully random (and scary) life can be.

Anywhoo, spent most of the day playing with my new scanner uploading most my old art and scribbles from my old job's. HOYEH. Also trying to clear out my Devart page from the old shitty junkart, ew. Speaking of job's I left the gayass Disney store and back to wandering to another unfullfilling mindless place of employment (whoever wishes to hire) Interviews = boo.

Watched High Tension tonight. GOD THAT MOVIE IS SO GOOD! I creamed myself several times *purr*

annnnnd it's time for pr0n's *fap fap fap* Ooooh that's niiiiice *shifty eyes*
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