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My what a big ego you have...

Leave it up to my imagination to scare the shit out of me while Im asleep. First it was a nightmare about being shot, then it was one about a snake(cobra,big venomous son of a bitch) biting me in the face ,then the most recent one was I was pregnant and it was so vivid I woke up in a sweat about to cry. HORRID. I guess that's what I get for eating so much before going to bed but DAMN. come on what happened to those good dreams, like the ones about sexings and candy? mwah.


Hm, You know what is uber lame. Sexual Predators. Pissing me off. These old men think they can just waltz up and around and try sweettalking some young girl/boy into their pants. What the hell? I want to go bash their fricking faces in!!! Not alot pisses me off but it's one of those pet peeves, yanno? Sure sure you all joke but I'm talking about serious sleazy weirdness some guys think they can get away with. Last night some nasty man at a autoshop tried talking dirty to Heather and there's a frickin' pedophile asshole from my past is back to try and get some from me here in Columbus and it's like WHAT THE HELL FUCK OFF OKAY??? Sometime's police just arn't enough to teach them No.

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There, that about sum's it all up <3 -breathes deep and drink's some tea-
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