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The trouble with life is...

My birthday is coming and with this age complex I have it's like some horrid nightmare I can't stop from devouring me.

Sometimes I wish I didn't know anyone and they didn't know me. at all. A total refresh of existance. Just to calm my paranoid fear of social outings and interactions with human beings.

I am just about sick of my family and certain individuals rambling about work and the like...examples:

"Danni get a job, what are you going to do about a job? Are you looking? Have you filled out applications? What about your future Danielle? Dont you wanna goto college and make something of yourself and be a big bad businesswolf who can hide behind their money and greed? Can't you just throw away your silly passions and sink into the crowd of governmental clones too scared to think for themselves to be happy? DANIELLE WHY ARE YOU SO WORTHLESS WHY DONT YOU JUST STOP HOLDING ONTO HOPE FOR A CONTENT LIVE IN THE MOMENT FEEL THE SUNSHINE EXISTANCE AND GIVE IN MAKE YOURSELF MISERABLE BECAUSE ITS HOW IT WAS WHEN I GREW UP" *huffs and spits*

I got some news for you jackholes, jobs do not make you a wonderful human being, college doesnt make you all powerful and knowing, and work comes and goes it is not perminant unless your stuck in a fucking rut and need the cash. How about I only take the filthy corperate layouts when Im desprate for green and stick with trying to find my way into doing what I love. SORRY YOU FAILED AND GAVE UP?!?! Not my issue.

Also, Internet you are not helping just getting in the way >:E

P.s. My birthday in a week. I will be 20. This is the apocolypse. Boo.
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