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You got a real perty mouth...

This is my typical day online(Oh girl, I'm so horny please come on and help me. Send NUDES! Oh dont be like that I will get blue balls and DIE. What can we do to help me get off? I need sex!

{Insert my screen name}: Oh well do I have the perfect remedy for that!

see now you sometimes feel aroused and thats okay but the thing to do is you either take your right or left hand, yeah see those things you type with? yeah take one of those and slowely wrap it around and stroke or rub your penis, whichever feels best, and if you do it long enough you orgasm and can resume normal living.

Isnt that amazing?

The moral of this story: I ain't not your call girl beetch's :p

p.s. OFF TO MAKE GIFT'S FOR TEH FAMILY -try's to fly and fall's out window- (oops)
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